We are a number one digital advertising company that gives a multi-screen holistic solution to all or any of your marketing needs. We successfully serve 400 million monthly unique visitors from quite 5k managed publishers. Our team of great minds brings their expertise to the table to maximize the success of our partners’ campaigns. With over a decade of experience, we pride ourselves on our team of driven account managers, our dedicated support staff, and therefore the sort of services we offer that allow us to seek out the proper fit between our partners. We believe that the good service we offer, alongside the trust and long-term partnerships we sustain, is the keys to our success. once you prefer to work with us, we build our partnership around your success. We Are Hexon Media
Connect to Global Demand Across 190 Countries
100% Transparent Demand from Trusted and Verified Sources.
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About Us

Hexon Media provides a full-stack package of complex AdTech solutions for digital advertisers, publishers, and ad agencies worldwide. Our innovative products help businesses to realize impressive results across all channels, devices and ad formats. Finding new possibilities within AI , Blockchain technology, and large Data analytics, we are reshaping the longer term of programmatic advertising, making it surprisingly simple for each client

Our Mission

Our mission is to style high-quality solutions that fully automate digital advertising. We help media buyers to succeed in their target audiences, deliver high-impact brand messages, and drive revenues that exceed the foremost daring expectations. At an equivalent time, we offer media owners tools for effective web/mobile content monetization that results in the simplest CPMs and better fill rates. Hexon Media’s products allow launching highly predictive, optimized, and consumer-oriented ad campaigns of any size.


We believe delivering innovative ad formats that
generate real business results


Brand Safety & Fraud Protection

All supply and demand partners adhere to strict quality assuances and policies that have enable Hexon Media to create the safest possible trading environment

Dedicated Account Management

Success for our clients is driven through a fanatical team of account and operational managers that oversea and optimise all connected partners and supply then with all kind of operational support  to biist up our partnership and proportion the revenue.

Unity among the three

We believe the sole thanks to achieve the web
industry is to think about the interests of all
three major market stakeholders: publishers,
advertisers and users . The cumulative results of
designing image solutions for all three
stakeholders enhances each party’s success. Ignore
one and therefore the other two will falter.